What Makes Henchman Platforms Unique?

What enables the platform to remain level? In order to compensate for banks, slopes, ditches, dips and steps, each leg adjusts individually (up to 60cm). Thanks to the Quick Adjust feet, you can work on various types of ground without fear of instability or sinking into softer surfaces. A feature unique to Henchman platforms, the Quick Adjust feet also allow for small increment adjustments to prevent wobbling.

Complete with a robust aluminium frame and sturdy steel legs, these ladders help you to get the job done without toppling. As you’re enclosed by guard rails, your centre of gravity stays within the splayed footprint, meaning you can safely lean to carry out your tasks.

You can cut up to 4.3m from one position, depending on the cutters you’re using. The working height for our platform range is variable by a minimum of 60cm (or 1.5m with the Extender). It’s also very lightweight and can be easily folded in 30 seconds for storage.

With various sizes available, you’ll find one that’s suited to your needs. From the Hi-Step Junior for lower hedges to the Hi-Step Maxi for trickier jobs, we’ve got something for everyone. Order yours today.